IBMA announce the five finalist for the 2017 Bernard Blum Award for Novel Biocontrol Solutions

IBMA are delighted to announce the five finalist products for the 2017 Bernard Blum Award.

  • CBC Europe for the product TREMOS, a digital electronic system used to disrupt location and mating of leafhopper species.
  • Certis USA for the product LifeGard®, a systemic acquired resistance product based upon Bacillus mycoides isolate J with efficacy against range of diseases in potatoes, sugarbeets, tomatoes, vines, and other crops.
  • Dow AgroSciences for the product Inatreq™, a microbial produced by Streptomyces species with activity against Septoria tritici and Puccinia species in wheat.
  • Koppert Biological Systems for the product Ulti-Mite Swirski, a biocontrol system that delivers predatory mites in an industrial compostable foil sachet that creates better protection against adverse climatic conditions, therefore extending the length of control possible.
  • Marrone Bio Innovations for the product Majestene®, a bionematicide based on Burkholderia spp. Strain A396 providing control of Meloidogyne, Pratylenchus, Belonolaimus, Tylenchorhynchus, Bursaphelenchus, Heterodera, Paratrichodorus, Rotylenchulus, and Radopholus nematodes in a wide range of crops.

IBMA will award a trophy at ABIM 2017 taking place in Basel 23-25 October! The winner will be announced by Owen Jones during the ABIM opening session to be held on October 23 between 17:00 and 17:45.

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