The world of biological pest managment is growing rapidly and changing daily.  If this is your first visit to our site – welcome.  In such exciting times, there is an incredible amount of industry activity from small enterprises to international corporations and so we thought the time was right to have a dedicated website and magazine wholly dedicated to the industry.  Our aim is to bring you news, views and the latest technical developments from around the globe.

In addition to this free to view site, we will be introducing producing an occasional printed magazine.  We will have two issues for 2019.  Please do get in touch as we will be pleased to help communicate your work to the wider world.

The Bio Mag is dedicated to providing news, views, reviews, reports and opinion on all aspects of the biological management of pests and pest related problems, whether the approach is direct through the use of biocontrol or indirect through biostimulants and other mechanisms to manipulate environmental conditions.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is central to good crop and environmental management with pesticides only being approved as a last not a first resort.  Classical biological control has been around for over a hundred years with some successes and some notable and infamous failures.  However with the development of modern biological techniques, there are now a greater array of pest management solutions that not only control pests that are damaging to our food and environment, but that are also supportive and encourage a greater biodiversity that can be threatened through the mis-use or over dependence on traditional control products.