Below we are listing a directory of biocontrol companies from around the world

LogoOrganisationCountryWebsiteActivitySome key brands
Action PinACTION PINFranceAction Pin"Spécialités" department of DRT (Resinic and Terpenic Derivatives), a specialist of the products resulting from the resin of the Pin, and in particular the Landes Pin.Saniterpen, Enzypin, Helioterpen
Agrauxine SAFrancewww.agrauxine.comThe business unit of Lesaffre, dedicated to plant care. Developing and manufacturing products from microorganisms for crop protection, biocontrol and stimulation of plants, biostimulation.Esquive, Trisoil, Smartfoil, Pushy,
AGRAUXINE/METASPORAFrancewww.agrauxine.comSee Agrauxine
Agri 2000 Net SrlItalywww.agri2000.itService: Providing solutions and advanced technological services since 1985. in 3 areas Biology division, Economics & Food Chain Division, Environment & Urban Green Division.
AGRI LIFEIndiawww.agrilife.inA research based agri-biotech manufacturing enterprise based in Hyderabad, India focusing on bio solutions for crops and soils.
Agrifutur SRLItalywww.agrifutur.comDevelops, produces and markets a line of beneficial microorganisms, including soil inoculants.
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology's largest Research and Technology Organization (RTO).
ANADIAG GroupFrancewww.anadiag.frOne of the leading CROs (Contract Research Organization) in Europe, providing a wide range of services for the registration of synthetic or natural, existing or new, Plant Protection Products.
Andermatt Biocontrol AGSwitzerlandwww.biocontrol.chCompany goal is to replace chemical pesticides with good biological alternatives, such as beneficial insects, microbial control products and traps.Madex, Capex, Bb-Protec, AmyProtec 42
Applied Insect Science (APIS) LtdUnited Kingdomwww.appliedinsectscience.comResearch: a contract research facility for biopesticides. A GLP laboratory providing guideline and bespoke studies for active substances and products with a core expertise in microbial pesticides.
BASF SEGermanyagriculture.basf.comen/Crop-Protection/Biologicals.htmlAn agrochemical major. Biologicals include Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, Beauveria bassiana, beneficial nematodes (formerly Becker Underwood) and naturally-occurring fungi.Serifel, Broadband, Nemasys, Green Muscle and Green Guard
Bayer CropScience LPUnited Stateswww.biologics.bayer.comAn agrochemical major that has acquired a biological product line through AgraQest and Prophyta. Has developed an unique technology for the mass production of filamentous fungi.Serenade, Rhapsody, Sonata, Ballad, Requiem, Votivo, Contans, BioAct/Melocon
BEIJING MULTIGRASS FORMULATION CO., LTDChinawww.chinabaicao.comBesides plant sourced products, the company works with a broad range of biological products including Spinosad.
Bernard Blum AwardBelgiumwww.ibma-global.orgIndustry award for novel biocontrol solutions that will make an impact on this rapidly growing market.
Biobest Belgium NVBelgiumwww.biobestgroup.comPrimary global supplier of beneficial insects and nematodes and bumble bees for pollinationAsperello T34 Biocontrol, Bluestim
BIOCOMES, EU projectEUwww.biocomes.euAn EU funded project to stimulate the development of biological control products. The BIOCOMES project runs from 1 December 2013 until 30 November 2017. 
BIOFA A leading provider to the German biological plant protection sector is conducting EU-level registrations for biopesticides with lime sulphur, diatomaceous earth, potassium bicarbonateAlgoVital Plus, AminoVital, Cocana, CURATIO, Equisetum Plus, InsectoSec, Myco-Sin, PottaSol, SilicoSec, Tillecur, VitiSan
BIOIBERICA S.A.U.Spainwww.bioiberica.complant-healthCompany has developed a specific range of products, based on aminoacids, which act naturally to promote plant biostimulation, nutrition and protection. Also have fruit fly mass trapping technology.Terra-Sorb, Terramin, Stressal, Inicium, Equilibrium, AminoQuelant, Cer-Trap
Bioline AgroSciences Ltd.United Kingdomwww.biolineagrosciences.comA long established (under different owners) UK based global supplier of benefical insects.Amblyline, Encarline, Exhibitline
Bionema LimitedUnited Kingdombionema.comA biopesticide product testing and technology development company, with a product line of nematode products.Nematrident
BIOPREPARÁTY, spol. s r.o.Czech Republicwww.biopreparaty.euDevelopment of Pythium oligandrum to suppress phytopathogenic fungi.Polyversum
BIOTECNOLOGIE BT S.r.l.Italywww.biotecnologiebt.itService: Specialist in GLP and GEP, experienced in Test Facility for environmental impact assessment of agrochemicals, chemical and biological products, veterinary medicinal products, biocides.
CBC (Europe) s.r.l.Italywww.biogard.itMerged companies of CBC (Europe) and Intrachem Bio Italy. Combines the worlds leading pheromone mating disruption company (Shin Etsu) with biofungicides and bioinsecticidesIsomate, Isonet, Lepinox, Naturalis, Rapax
CEHTRAFrancewww.cehtra.frService: Offers scientific and innovative solutions ensuring regulatory compliance of chemicals to international obligations.
Chemsafe s.r.l.Italywww.chemsafe-consulting.comAn Italian independent consulting and project management company offering specialized services to Agrochemicals, Biocides, Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Pharmaceutical companies
CytozymeUnited Stateswww.cytozyme.comProprietary processes technologies that address crop growth. By supporting the formation of natural metabolites in cells, products help improve growth, resilience, and quality.
E-Nema GmbHGermanywww.e-nema.deNot only produces insect-pathogenic nematodes, but also a range of additional biological plant protection agents based on microorganisms.
ÉLÉPHANT VERTFrancewww.elephant-vert.comSupplier of natural solutions to Europe and North Africa markets (Morocco, Mali, Sengal) including entomopathogenic fungi (Beuavaria, Metarhizium, Isaria) and biostimulantsOrganova, Fertinova, Novastim, Novaprotect
Eurofins Agrosciences ServicesUnited Kingdomwww.eurofins.comagroscienceservicesService: Within the Agroscience division, activities involve conducting field and laboratory studies to determine the safety and efficacy of new agrochemicals and crop varieties.
EXPEDIA MRCC SRLItalywww.medregexpedia.comService: A regulatory consulting company specializing in regulation and registration of end-user commercial products such as plant protection products, biocidal products, fertilizers etc.
Exponent International Ltd.United Kingdomwww.exponent.comService: Active in assisting clients with human health, environmental, engineering and regulatory issues associated with new products or processes.
Fortune Biotech LimitedIndiawww.fortunebiotech.comThe world's largest manufacturers of Azadirachtin from the seeds of neem tree, Azadirachta IndicaFortuneAza, Fortuneem
FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE S.A.Spainfuturecobioscience.comLeaders in industrial R&D&I and in environmental friendly agricultural biotechnology. Has 5 business lines associated with plant protection and nutritional products.NoFly, Rutastar, Bestcure, Biolasting, Algaliv, Bioradicante, Botamisol, Citogrower, Frutaliv, Futop, Vitalem forte, Fito Maat
GAB Consulting GmbHGermanywww.gabconsulting.deService: A leading consulting company in Europe in the field of biopesticides having submitted dossiers for 27 strains or isolates from 17 microbial species for approval as active substances in the EU.
HSE (UK)United The UK's national regulator and provider of guidance on authorisation for pesticides used in agriculture, horticulture or the home garden (plant protection products).
IBMABelgiumwww.ibma-global.orgAssociation: The trade association representing the manufacturers of biocontrol solutions
IDAI NATURE.SLSpainwww.idainature.comOffer unique natural solutions for growing fruit and vegetables without chemical residues, using mixtures of vegetable and mineral extracts to produce totally natural agricultural inputs.System Max, Nemacem, Equimax, Vegex
IF TECHFrancewww.iftech.frThe product line is based on several natural solutions to protect the plants and optimize their development: beneficial insects, entomopathogenic fungi and nematodes.Chrysor, Mycor, Nemador
International Panaacea LtdIndiawww.iplbiologicals.comSpecialises in biological solutions for agriculture applications with over 50 products in disease and pest management, plant nutrient & health management, and soil management.Milgo, Mildown, Phasal Rakshak, Neem Kavach, Nematofree+
International Pheromone Systems Ltd (IPS)United, produces and supplies high-quality insect semiochemical based products and their associated trapping systemsUnitrap
Janssen PMPBelgiumwww.janssenpmp.comSpecialists in post-harvest disease management
JRF GLOBALIndiawww.jrfglobal.comService: Offers comprehensive non clinical GLP research services for worldwide regulatory submissions.
Kan biosys Pvt. Ltd.Indiawww.kanbiosys.comA specialized agri-biotech company working in the field of plant nutrition and pest management. Committed to bring full plant potential to life by microbial inputs and precision agriculture.Brigade, Nemastin, Tricho-Shield, Caterpilin-New, Sudo, Spida, Taba, Vitormone, Taba Drip, Bioplin, B-seepe, Phosfert
Koppert Biological SystemsNetherlandswww.koppert.comProbably the worlds leader in the supply of beneficial insects and has added other macrobial biocontrol agents and biostimulantsNumerous benefical brand names, Trianum
Lallemand Plant CareSwitzerlandwww.lallemand.comAn active proponent of biological plant care solutions, developing, producing and marketing fungal, bacterial and yeast biocontrol products, biofertilizers and biostimulants.Mycostop, Rotstop
Magazine: 2B MonthlyFrance/United Stateswww.2bmonthly.comMedia: A single source of cutting-edge news on Biocontrol & Biostimulants, the fastest growing industries in inputs supplied to agriculture.2BMonthly
Meister Media WorldwideUnited Stateswww.meistermedia.comMedia: From a single magazine, American Fruit Grower, Meister Media Worldwide provides information and networking opportunities to global marketsAgriBusiness Global, American Fruit Grower, American Vegetable Grower, Western Fruit Grower
Nico OrgoIndiawww.neemnico.comManufacturers of Organic agricultural inputs certified by Organic Farmers and GrowersBioniconema, Neem-F, Neemate, Nico Neem, PowerAll, T-Harz
NSure B.V.Netherlandswww.nsure.euA global leader in gene activity measurements in the agricultural chain.
OMNIUM AGRICOLE DU SOUSSMoroccogroupesaoas.comSupplier of plant protection products in MoroccoBiogene, Agibbelline, Exilis, Novagib
ORO AGRINetherlandswww.oroagri.comDevelopment and commercialization of a broad range of highly effective, low environmental impact biorational products.Prev-am, Transformer
Progema/NeudorffGermanywww.progema-plantcare.comProgema GmbH is a brand belonging to W. Neudorff GmbH, producing and marketing effective and environment-friendly products of high-quality for professional users.
PROMOVERT CROP SERVICES S.L.Spainwww.promovert.comService: Focused to provide global services for testing Plant Protection Products, BCA (Biological Control Agents), seed varieties, fertilizers and growing agents.
Russell IPMUnited Kingdomhttp://www.russellipm-agriculture.comOriginally a pheromone specialist has now extended the range to include biocontrol and biosurveilance productsAntario, Biomax, Biotrine, Ceranock, Fytoclean, Fytomax, Lycomax, Matrixine, Recharge, Zonatrac
Seipasa S.A.Spainwww.seipasa.comProduces a full range of natural treatments for a agriculture sector without residues. Active include pyrtherum and purified vegetable oleins.Pirecris, Septum, Nakar, Cinnerate, Kynetic4, Sweetsei, Seiland, Seisil, Till-up
SerbiosSerbios SrlItalySerbiosOffers a broad line of biocontrol products to the Italian marketNeemik, Asset, Carpostop, Kristal
SGS Company LogoSGS GroupSwitzerlandSGSThe world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.
Sourcon Padena LogoSP Sourcon Padena GmbHItalySourcon Padena100% biological and free from genetic engineering – treatments and soil enhancers from for high qualitiy potatoes, turf and salad plants.Proradix, Deposan, Salavida, Ekoprop
Sumitomo Chemical Agro EuropeFranceSumitomo Chemical Agro EuropeAgrochemical major: Sumitomo Chemical’s European Regional Headquarter for Plant Protection activities (insect, disease, weed control, and plant growth regulators) Dipel
Syngenta Crop ProtectionSyngenta Crop Protection AGSwitzerlandSyngenta Crop Protection AGAgrochemical major working with 8 key crops, crop protection products and seeds. Are developing a new line of biocontrols based on RNA
T. Stanes & Company LimitedT Stanes and Company LimitedIndiaT. Stanes & Company LimitedEngaged in manufacturing and marketing a broad range or biocontrol and fertilizer productsNimbecidine, Bio-Cure
tsg LogoTechnology Sciences Group Inc.United StatesTechnology Sciences Group IncService: provides state, federal and international expertise on a wide range of scientific and regulatory issues.Symbion
Trifolio-M LogoTrifolio-M GmbHGermanyTrifolio-M GmbHSupplies biological plant protection products, biocides, pheromones and other ready to use products.NeemPro, NeemAzal, Tripheron
Vegenov LogoVegenovFranceVegenovService: a non-profit organization specialized in plant science applied research.
Vegepolys LogoVEGEPOLYSFranceVegepolysService: a French cluster dedicated to plants, designed to build innovative projects between firms, research centers and training organizations.