European Parliament plenary vote supports innovation and the promotion of a single market for biostimulants

The European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC) welcomes the adoption of the report of the EU Fertilizing product regulation by the plenary of the European Parliament. The results of the vote clearly illustrate the European Parliament’s support for the development of a single market and an innovative biostimulant industry. Unlike other fertilising products, biostimulants currently lack EU wide rules to allow market access and product approval.

The European Paliament supported key elements to establish an equitable EU market for biostimulants, including:

  • defining biostimulants and clarifiying the boundary with plant protection products
  • the requirement to develop safety criteria and harmonized standards, in particular for micro-organisms
  • promoting a circular economy with the efficient use of plants and plant extracts.

A single harmonized market for biostimulants will support EU farmers to become more competitive and participate in developing sustainable agriculture with a reduced impact on the environment. A single market will also enable the European biostimulants’ industry to remain the world leader.

“The European Parliament has clearly shown its desire to support innovation and create a single market for the biostimulants’ industry today with the results of the plenary vote. EBIC will continue to work throughout the trilogue process to ensure that the condititions required to support an innovative European biostimulants industry are implemented and maintained” informs Giuseppe Natale, President of the European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC).

Unfortunately, the European Parliament voted against proposals of the internal market committee to reinstate normal REACH requirements. This means we are back to the proposal of the European Commission which will add huge financial costs, particularly for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), due to additional REACH registrations.

The plenary also provided the rapporteur, M.Ţurcanu MEP, with a robust mandate in the upcoming negotiations with EU member states.
Following the vote of the European Parliament, EBIC continues to pursue discussions with EU Member States as we move into the Trilogue process. The regulation can still be improved to fully support the biostimulant industry.

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