Andermatt Biocontrol becomes majority shareholder of Biofa

The Swiss company Andermatt Biocontrol will increase its shareholding stake to a majority position in the German company Biofa. Both Andermatt Biocontrol (58%) and Trifolio-M (22%) have taken share options which will strengthen the long-term partnership between Biofa, Andermatt Biocontrol and Trifolio-M.

Andermatt Biocontrol has invested over the last decade in a worldwide distribution network, by establishing daughter companies in important agricultural markets. Biofa is the holder of over 30 registered products for the German and European market and is the owner of distribution rights from different national and international manufacturers.

By Andermatt Biocontrol taking a majority shareholding in Biofa, it combines two strong portfolios in the biocontrol market. This collaboration will strengthen the position of all three parties in the European plant protection market.

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