Dutch impact investor, Pymwymic Healthy Ecosystems to take Trapview to a new level

With nearly 40 different insect species being monitored over the world, Trapview is a key decision support tool for planning field activities and optimal usage of crop protection.

Trapview – a technology leader in automated pest monitoring and forecasting is pleased to announce, that it has raised €1.5 million equity investment from the Dutch impact investor, Pymwymic Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund. The funding round follows significant advancement Trapview has made in the past two years. The investment will enable faster growth of the company by significantly enhancing its presence in selected markets and will at the same time accelerate further upgrades of Trapview technology.

“Our clients in more than 40 countries around the world testify that we have developed top notch technology for remote pest insect monitoring and forecasting. This investment supports our efforts in bringing Trapview to a far more advanced automated professional service, that helps our customers make optimal crop protection decisions at the right time. That will take us a few steps closer to our goal of enabling better and more sustainably grown food for everyone,” says Matej Stefancic, Co-Founder and CEO of Efos – the company behind Trapview.

“Having Pymwymic fund on-board, an investor which has impact embedded into its DNA, is really important for us. Our core values are aligned, which assures us that investment goes well beyond financial support,” Stefancic added.

“From the moment we came in contact with Trapview, we firmly believe that we found a team who developed superb groundbreaking technology with a well proven track record. Trapview’s mission to help the industry to grow better food and to support more sustainable practices, is a great match to our overall fund objective: support innovative and disruptive impact accelerators. We aim to enable Trapview to further scale its impact globally through adding our expertise, network and financial support.”, Rogier Pieterse from Pymwymic adds.

Trapview is a pest insect monitoring and forecasting platform developed by a Slovenian company Efos. Automated electronic traps enable efficient, nearly maintenance free monitoring of pest insects. Advanced artificial intelligence based processing of trap data assists customers to get accurate and real-time understanding of pest population dynamics as well as forecast of pest development stages in a specific area. This positions Trapview as key decision support tool for planning field activities and for optimal usage of crop protection. With Trapview nearly 40 different insect species are being monitored all over the world.

Trapview has been present on the market since 2012 and has previously raised equity investment from a Slovenian fund Prvi sklad and received an EU commission H2020 grant.

To find out more, contact info@trapview.com or go to Trapview

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